Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zaxpo New release

I have released a new album. Well, let me it clear. There is really no new matter but these are the demos and test mixes from last years albums. Instead of it just sitting on my computer I decided it should be release. I will admit that it is not the best of my work but it was one of the funnest. It was just approved by Routenote,com. In a week or three it should be out in all the digital  outlets. I have made the prices of this album very affordable or you can wait to listen to it on a streaming service like spotify. Click here to go to my artist page.

I am working on a new album and hope release this one this month also. and yes it is all new material.

When the 2015?

itunes link

I have reviewed Routenote  here  If you want to release all your music to the itunes, spotify, amazon, google and many more for free goto Routenote

 Go to Routenote and sign up and use my referral coded: 2f73badd thanks

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