Friday, September 1, 2017

Tamiya Land Cruiser 100 Wagon

 This is the first RC mini Tamiya Land Cruiser 100 Wagon. It is a quick project. The instructions were a bit confusing but with a closer look anyone can figure out. I did not paint this wagon. I really should have and would have like to see in another color. Oh well next time. The thing I enjoyed about this Land Cruiser is that the tire were really rubber and had grip. The engine is also very strong and you can take this outdoors. It will go up a steepish slopes but make sure some is there to stop because their is not remote to control. The land cruiser just has an on and off switch. Once it is on it will just go.

I did not make a video of the outdoors test, maybe i will do that sometime this week. and post it.

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