Tuesday, July 6, 2021

I am Making my own radio Podcast?

 I have always loved radio. Well, I guess radio that is about the DJ's that would talk about music and show you new music or artist that I never heard of. I was never like the radio station that had people talking about anything. I guess  I don't like that morning zoo crew radio. 

I wish i could have do a radio program introducing music I liked to heard. But nobody would let me be on the radio(with good reason). Now i have discovered that it would be possible for me to have my own radio program.  Spottily has selection on it's app that is called Music and Talk. Now anyone can create there own program with music in it. I am going to give this a try. Oh also you can do this with anchor.fm


Stay Tune Listeners. We will be back after a the break. (as i work on my radio voice)


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