Aid Relief is used buy Pokeman Card

 I has been very hard for business in this pandemic. Some light was the federal government had a aid relief to help business with payroll. Mostly everyone were responsible and used the money for just that. But there will always be a select few who will try to beat the system. This is where a man has used his coronavirus relief aid to buy a Pokemon card. He false claimed that he need more money that he really need and decide he should invest in a rare Pokemon card. He bought a card that was worth $57,789. 

Now the fed got wind of his purchase and they are asking some questions. It was not know what Pokemon card.


I found some card that sold for a lot of relief aid cash:

Espeon and Umbreon Gold Star POP Series 5

Sold for $22,000 in February 2021


2002 Pokémon World Championships No. 1 Trainer


 Sold for $31,200 

1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4

A very valuable version of a classic fan-favourite

Sold for $369,000 in December 2020




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